Fort Plain


The village is in a region where a branch of the Mohawk had four major villages. In 1738, the governor of New York built a stone house for the use of his sons. Other early settlers included Palatinate Germans. The village is built at the foot of the hill where the fort once stood. It was a Revolutionary War fort. The fort was constructed in 1776 and a blockhouse was maintained here throughout the war.

While many of the village's men were fighting elsewhere, the women, dressed as men, were able to fend off Indian attacks by manning the walls of the fort. Fort Plain became an incorporated village in 1832.

The opening of the Erie Canal was an economic boom. It became a center of manufacturing during the Nineteenth century for textiles and furniture.

Fort Plain is also the birthplace of the first black professional baseball player, Bud Fowler. Fowler appeared in an exhibition game with a team from Lynn, Iowa in 1878, 68 years before Jackie Robinson played in a professional baseball game.

Fort Plain is also home to a large number of Amish and now, Montgomery County has one of the largest populations of Amish in the country.


  • Street: Route 5
  • City: Fort Plain
  • State: NY
  • Zipcode: 13339
Fort Plain



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